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Welcome to Kooking with Ken. Long ago, in a house two miles away, I had a kitchen and loved to cook easy and healthy foods. I no longer have a kitchen, just a room with a sink and appliances that don't work well, but I still cook - somehow

Growing up, I did some cooking. When I bought my first house and lived alone, and because eating out all the time is expensive and eating process food is unhealthy, I did most of my own cooking. For over thirty years I've worked at designing and building scenery for TV and movies and often work ten to twelve hours a day, getting home at seven or eight in the evening. This left little time for elaborate seven-course meals, so I developed a number of recipes that were health, tasty, and above all, relatively quick to make. Even on the weekends I didn't have much time to cook because I often worked Saturdays, had that new house that needed a lot of work, and later became a museum volunteer. When in my mid-forties I got married, my wife didn't cook, her mother never let her in the kitchen. She's gotten better, but I still do a lot of the cooking and usually the more complex recipes.

I developed a single web page in my personal web site to share my recipes which got to be long and awkward. Then I got busy and gave it up. Now I am trying it again in a dedicated web site offering recipes that I developed or modified, often simplifying. I also try to use ingredients that are in most stores and try to avoid using a small percentage of a package that I don't use often and wasting the rest. What do you do with the rest when the recipe calls for one olive or a tablespoon of pimento?

Gotta go, my wife needs me to make breakfast.
My first kitchen in 1980.
My first kitchen in 1990.
I replaced one cabinet and drawer with a dishwasher. I replaced the range hood and 2-door cabinet above the cook top with a built-in microwave, a 3-door cabinet, and two vertical drawers for utensils and cook books. I rebuilt the cabinet below the cook top with a new one and added the drawer removed from the other side (where the dishwasher went). The old cabinet over the range hood was rebuilt to replace the mangled one above the refrigerator. All appliances were replaced. I did all the work myself, including building the cabinets. The cabinets went all the way to the ceiling without a soffit which gave lots of extra storage space. I liked my little kitchen in my first house.
My current kitchen the day escrow closed. Since moving in, the dishwasher has broken and remained broken for about three years. The microwave and cook top never worked well and continue to frustrate me. The refrigerator broke while we were out of town and was repaired. When the refrigerator broke the following year while we were out of town, we replaced it. At this moment, the stove's electronic pilot doesn't work and I use matches. Since the new kitchen has less storage, half of my kitchen gadgets remain packed in the garage.

More to follow...

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Sorry for the advertisement, but this site costs money to operate and donations didn't cover it.

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